Saturday, February 12, 2011

1000 Free AT&T Rollover Minutes

While I'm on the topic of free money ... here is a little gem I ran across yesterday. For those of you with an AT&T iPhone, you can get 1000 roll over minutes as part of a marketing promotion aimed at keeping you from defecting to Verizon. Just SMS the word 'YES' to 11113020 and you will get a text back stating that 1000 bonus rollover minutes will be added to your account. Be aware that accepting this offer will enroll you into their special offers alerts. So you might get occasional texts where AT&T is hocking their goods. You can always opt out of their promotions by hitting up the Marketing Preferences found under the "My Profile" section of your online account once you log in.


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I have also got these free minutes for which I was having limited time to use them. Now I am looking for this offer to be here once more so that I can use those free minutes.

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