Friday, July 25, 2008


Alright ... I'm not talking to the Billy Batson loving crowd here. I'm talking about one of the coolest iPhone 2.0 apps available right now. Shazam is a free utility that allows you to tag music. By tagging, I actually mean it is a music discovery tool ... and when I say music discovery tool, I mean that it can tell you the name/artist/cover art of music that it can hear. So far, I have had 100% success rate with this application in a variety of settings (car, restaurants, headphones)! Let me splain what I'm talkin' 'bout.

First, download the app via iTunes or the App Store on the iPhone. Once it installs, tap the icon for Shazam.

The app will launch and take you to the My Tags screen. This screen will show any music that you have tagged. Your screen will not have any tags if it is the first time you have entered the app and have yet to tag some music. If you want to begin identifying music, click the Tag Now button on the top right of the screen.

Once you have clicked the Tag Now button ... the magic begins. Shazam goes into Listening mode. It will listen for around 10 seconds or so and take a sample of any music it hears.

Once it has collected its music sample, it sends the sample to its servers for identification. It's a rather quick process I might add. It seems like it usually takes about 5 seconds or so. The phone will also buzz once right before it sends the sample.

Once Shazam identifies the music, it will show you the song info ... complete with artist, song title and cover art. You will also get some other options to buy the song from iTunes or watch the video on YouTube. You can also send the tag via email to a contact or add your own photo to the tag.

All in all, this application kicks ass. How many times do you hear a song and want to know what it is. Now you have a way! Start tagging yo!

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