Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The State of America Today ...

So I went to Home Depot to get a new lock for my door. I needed the key that I currently use to match the new door lock. No problem ... Home Depot can do that. I take it to the key area and ask the dude to re-key the lock for me. After a few minutes, he gives me back my box with the lock in it and then remembers that he needs to mark the fact that he re-keyed the lock and for the cashier to charge me for it. Now, I'm no spelling whiz or anything ... but shit ... at least I come close to the right spelling. Check out what the guy wrote:

"Rey Keyd" ... that's hillarious! Now, just too mention, the guy realized that he made a mistake in the "Keyd" portion because his original spelling was "Keed" ... and he quickly overwrote one of the Es with a Y. Much better!!

I always enjoy going to the Home Depot ... where they are always putting the POT in Depot. Word! Peace out!!

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