Friday, December 28, 2007

iPhone wishes ...

iPhone basically rocks. There are a few items that I would love to see though in future firmware updates.

Must haves!
- Copy/Paste
--> Where the hell is it?? That is tops of my list!
- Chat
--> Gotta have gtalk or iChat or something!
- Drive Mode
--> Seriously ... I want to be able to steal company secrets and take it home with me
- Delete Multiple Emails
--> Can't believe this isn't available
- Speed Dialing of some sort or Improved Favorites (voice dialing perhaps)
--> I really don't want to click multiple times to get to a quick list of contacts
- Flash support in iPhone Safari
--> Really ... how can I get to the really good pr0n without that??
- Auto suggested words
--> I would rather click on the auto suggested word to insert it rather than clicking on it to not have it inserted.

Other Annoyances
A partial list from my buddy Rappin' Reggie. I'm inclined to agree with him on most of these. Although not high on my list ... I definitely would like to see them at some point
- Quick access to Contacts
- Save pictures sent in an email to your camera roll
- Email multiple pictures in a single email
- Customize email send and receive sounds
- Reorder of icons

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