Sunday, July 29, 2007

HDR Photography

Those of you that know me know that I LOVE photography. I enjoy all type of pictures. I've always been amazed at what really great artists can do with a camera and a little creative know-how. Lately I've been really into HDR photography. HDR is one of those topics that can fuel some serious debate on what it really is. I won't get into all that crap because I just appreciate it for what it is and the artists ability to create some beautiful and funky looking pictures. I ran across one artists work that I really love. Trey Ratcliff posts some awesome photos on his Stuck in Customs website along with his name branded site. Take a look at his work! He even has a tutorial that walks you through creating HDR photos yourself.

Thank you Trey for the great photos!!

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Pol Monre said...

I like to make good photo which some time are looking as a professionally, and of course my friend told me that I must try to make it for pay. I am working on a MAC and use next HDR software