Thursday, April 19, 2007

Guerrilla Mail

This is one of those hmmm sort of things that I run into every now and then when I'm out trolling the internets. I haven't quite figured out the usefulness of this, so if you have an idea, then let me know. Anyways ... Guerrilla Mail ... is a temporary email address. Great idea!! Screw the spammers! Crap ... the damn thing only lasts for 15 minutes. Now this is the part where I wonder about the usefulness. Ideas?

The interface is very simple. Load the site and click the button that says "Get temporary e-mail". The temp email address is displayed and a timer starts counting down. Any email that comes to that address while the timer is counting down is then displayed on the screen.

I wouldn't mind if the address lasted a full day at a minimum. 15 minutes is a little to short I think for it to have any valid uses. Just my opinion. What is yours?

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