Monday, April 30, 2007

Chicken Devine

Yummy ... simple ... fairly healthy. Here is a great little recipe for a chicken casserole. It can be modified to be a little "healthier" if you want. I like the not so healthy version since I'm a gigantic fat ass.

4 chicken breasts
2 pkgs. frozen chopped broccoli
1 pkg frozen chopped spinach
1 c. mayonnaise
3 cans of cream of chicken soup
12oz package of grated mild cheddar cheese
2 sleeves of Ritz Crackers
1 stick of melted butter

Cook chicken breasts however you like. You can pan fry or boil. After chicken is cooked, cut up the chicken into bite size pieces and set aside. Thaw out broccoli and spinach. Mix together. Layer casserole dish with thawed and drained broccoli/spinach mixture. Layer cooked, boneless chicken over broccoli and spinach mix. Mix mayo and cream of chicken soup together. Pour soup mixture over the broccoli and chicken. Top with the grated cheese. Crush up the 2 sleeves of Ritz crackers and pour the melted butter in and mix it together well. Place that over the cheese topping. Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

So the healthier choices would be to boil the chicken instead of pan frying it. I usually use olive oil to pan fry, so it is still ok. You can loose the Ritz cracker thing altogether if you want or substitute with bread crumbs if you are looking for a crunchy topping.

Eat up!

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Brad said...

This Chicken Devine recipe is REALLY good also really fattening but so delicious... Brads Chicken Devine