Friday, March 2, 2007

Something to share!

Aight ... so as I'm surfing to the ends of the internets, I sometimes run across things that are cool, interesting or even useful. I might group this into all of those groups. AllPeers is a handy dandy P2P file sharing tool. I'm just starting to get my feet wet a little with it. As a Firefox user, it has a nice add-on that incorporates drag and drop functionality into your Firefox browser. Great for sharing large files or other files that could be blocked by your email system (like exe files). I've also given Pando a spin. Seems cool, but it lacks the simplicity that AllPeers has. Plus Pando is a much larger install and it imbeds into your email application. Still very handy, but AllPeers is so friggin easy! Do it! ... Do it! ...

EdZachary what you needed? Get the Firefox Plugin:

If you know of anything that rivals AllPeers for ease of use and minimal install, hook a brother up and let me know about it!


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, my name is Zach too. :-)

I use Pando and love it. Way more simple than AllPeers and doesn't require Firefox or keeping your browser or computer online to transfer files. Check out PodMailer too.

Head Honcho said...

Thanks Zach! PodMailer looks pretty good. I'll download that bad boy and take it for a spin. The thing I really liked about AllPeers is the fact that it does run inside the browser. Most of my boys that I need to share stuff with run FireFox anyway, so it has worked out pretty well. I do like Pando, but its one more thing I have to run. PodMailer looks like it could give Pando a run for it's money. Thanks holmes!