Monday, February 12, 2007

Jimmy Buffett Concert

What can I say ... Jimmy Buffett is a living legend.  I've been to a couple of his concerts and the man can put on a show.  While I'm not the biggest Buffett fan in the world, I do think that his music appeals to many generations.  The people that go to these shows are unique, creative and dress without shame.  Best example I can think of are the multitudes of guys that go to the show dressed in grass skirts and coconut bras.  Well ... and that one middle aged woman in front of me at the show that was wearing practically nothing but should have been wearing something to cover up her huge gut.  God bless her though.  But anyway, Jimmy Buffett is the master of product placement and merchandising.  His margaritaville brand probably rakes in more money than you can shake a stick at.  I've drank his tequila before and it is horrible ... but that doesn't stop his fans from drinking it religiously.  Now he's got his own brand of beer.  Landshark Lager ... which probably is awful as well but will sell quite well.  I guess if you can stick a lime in it, people will drink it.
Back to the show.  It was great!  A few songs that I didn't know or care for, but great none the less.  He did play most of the classics that you think of when you think about Jimmy Buffett.  I think I came out of the show feeling a little bit more deaf than I was going in.  I gotta remember those earplugs!
Keep rocking Jimmy B!!  I'll keep listening.

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